Awards and Testimonials


  • 2011 BOMA BC Supplier Contractor of the Year

  • 2008 and 2009 Consumer’s Choice Award


  • “Thanks for the great communication and project updates on this [Haakon HVAC Services].  I don’t think that this level of communication is typical, but from a property manager perspective who isn’t “boots on the ground”, getting these daily updates gives me comfort that the work is progressing and gives me an idea of what to expect”.

    Tarek Shoukry, Property Manager of GWL Realty Advisors Inc.

  • “I have been here for over two years and have had the pleasure of working with [Haakon HVAC Services]….. Any of the Haakon team that have ever come have been excellent.  I am sure most customers only provide feedback when they have a complaint but I have had nothing but incredible service”.

    Jacqueline Sankoff, Leasing & Administrative Manager of Austeville Properties

  • “…thank you [Haakon HVAC Services] for responding to our small emergency here at Honour House as quickly as you did. Your employees couldn’t do enough for us and our staff, volunteers and guests were so relieved have them assisting us only half an hour after I called you.

    Thank you so very much and we’re all looking forward to a great relationship with Haakon and the team”.

    Craig Longstaff, General Manager of Honour House Society

  • “…thanks to your team on your hard work and dedication to alleviate our concerns….shows great value to me that you took our comments to get us on track for a long term partnership ”.

    Clarence Wong, Vice President of Finance for DDS Wireless International

  • “I really value your excellent customer service for our tenants and clients”.

    Chuck Beymer, Portfolio Manager for Martello Property Services Inc.

  • “You have an amazing team of knowledgeable Technicians and Staff who we thoroughly enjoy working with. An amazing company! Congratulations, job well done by all”.

    Janice Lupul, Sr. Manager Facilities for Sierra Wireless

  • “Asset managing a large commercial portfolio has many moving parts and it is essential that all those parts work well together. One of the biggest moving parts is HVAC replacement and maintenance and for that we turn to Haakon. The Haakon team is friendly, efficient and professional and their online service request service is topnotch. We highly recommend Haakon for your HVAC requirements.”

    Jason Lee, The Glassman Group

  • “We have worked with Haakon for over 10 years now. They are proactive and honest. They are at the top of their industry and we look forward to many more years of excellent service.”

    Stuart Emery, Yenik Realty Ltd.

  • “You have really demonstrated customer service on a whole new level. Although you are not in hospitality, you have that mentality in you because you put your customers before you. That’s rare nowadays.”

  • “Time and time again I hear from tenants how competent and professional your technicians are. This is a testament to the fact that your company operates the same way from top down.”

  • “The courtesy and professionalism extended by your staff, from the service department to the different technicians that came out to the building, has always been outstanding and appreciated, something you don’t often experience anymore. I highly recommend your services.”

  • “On behalf of the BOMA BC’s Board of Directors and staff, I would like to congratulate Haakon Industries on winning the award for Supplier/Contractor of the Year. You and your staff should be particularly proud as Haakon Industries can be seen as a role model to the industry for customer service.”

  • “Haakon technicians are skilled and qualified – many other contractors don’t seem to know what they are doing nowadays and cost a fortune in unnecessary repairs.”

  • “Service coordinators and technicians are very responsive and reliable – I don’t have to follow up on when the technician will show up at site”

  • “Haakon is the best HVAC Company. That’s not new information to anyone that works there”.

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