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What to Expect with a Haakon maintenance program:

1) Quotes
Our maintenance philosophy is to keep the equipment in our care running to the Manufacturer’s specifications. If a piece of equipment is not running to spec, our technicians will provide a quote with a firm price and an indication of the repair’s urgency. We will also provide detail on the problem, the possible cause, the consequence, the solution and parts availability. The quotes to address deficiencies with be sent by email and in some cases will have pictures or video clips attached. If there are multiple quotes, they will be bundled to one email and will detail any savings that may be realized by performing them all at once.

2) Quality of Maintenance Inspections
The quality of our maintenance inspections is at the heart of our culture. Our industry tends to treat maintenance as fill work but we see it as critical to our strategy of minimizing equipment breakdowns and maximizing equipment life.

3) Web-based Reporting System (Servace)
All our technicians enter their reports via smartphone to our Servace information system in realtime. We can have all reports automatically emailed to our clients immediately upon completion if desired. We track all work performed on a unit by unit basis to maintain histories for our staff and clients. We provide our clients with a user ID and password to log into our Servace system to access these histories as well as outstanding quotes, amounts spent and equipment lists.

4) 1 Step Ahead
Our “1 Step Ahead” pro-active philosophy is to bring issues that are over and above deficiencies in Manufacturer’s specifications to our client’s attention. These issues may include units that are currently operating but nearing the end of their lifespan or upgrades that may provide significant energy savings. As part of this strategy, we like to have an annual “State of the Nation” meeting ” to go over how your equipment is operating currently, how long you have left on certain pieces of equipment and helping you budget for one, two and five years down the road.

5) HVAC 101 Seminar – Learn About Your Mechanical System
Upon request we will provide an HVAC 101 seminar to provide a basic overview of HVAC systems, how they work and common problems that occur. It lasts roughly 60 – 90 minutes depending on the number of questions that are asked. This seminar can be tailored to what equipment is at your site. There is no cost for this seminar and we can come to your boardroom or we can arrange it at a boardroom close to you.

6) ServAce Demo – Real Time Info On Your Buildings HVAC Status
Many of our clients have found that having access to our ServAce system is a valuable productivity tool and keeps them up to date on anything to do with their mechanical systems. We are happy to provide a demo of our Servace system when requested.

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