Customer Benefits

Making you more productive
From keeping our clients up to date in realtime through our Servace information system to our 1 Step Ahead philosophy to anticipate what our clients need in dealing with HVAC issues to providing HVAC seminars, our goal is to deliver our services in a manner that will make our clients as productive as possible in dealing with at HVAC issues.

Servace is a web-based information system that collects real-time field information via Smartphones and laptops and provides it to clients and Haakon staff when and where they need it. Clients can log into Servace to place service calls, view or approve outstanding quotes, look up equipment information and review work performed and the related costs.

Through our 1 Step Ahead philosophy we seek to identify and understand the stresses our clients have with respect to HVAC issues and to anticipate what they need to deal with those stresses to make them more productive.

We provide HVAC 101 seminars to give our clients a basic working knowledge of different types of systems and common problems to make them more efficient in dealing with HVAC issues.

We also provide demos of our ServAce system to make sure our clients are familiar with all features such as cost data, service histories, age of equipment, etc. This allows them to take full advantage of the features and can be a real time saver at budget time.

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