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    Preventative Maintenance has Become Mainstream - We Helped HVAC Get There. Increased Productivity. Reduced Emergency Breakdowns. Get 1StepAhead Today in Vancouver and Whistler from Haakon HVAC Services.

Our 1StepAhead approach was created to anticipate what our clients need in advance to reduce downtime and increase productivity.  By placing value on our one-to-one site/technician system, our technicians are able to master your commercial HVAC equipment and systems. Our technicians are highly trained and will alert you of possible service issues before they arise, allowing you to make an informed decision about proactive service options.

Benefits of 1StepAhead

  • Increased productivity by preventing unnecessary admin work on your side and ours
  • Reduced emergency breakdowns and headaches
  • Decreased negative impacts: repairs on a recommended basis can be completed before it becomes a nuisance to building occupants


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