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Mechanical Services and Repairs

Our services cover ongoing maintenance, repairs, and modifications to all types of HVAC, Hydronic, and Plumbing systems. Those services vary greatly depending on the type of equipment and building requiring preventative maintenance.

The most common types of buildings under Haakon Mechanical’s care are:

    • Strata Residential Condo Towers
    • Owner managed Commercial and Mixed-use Properties
    • Institutional and Educational Industry Properties
    • Industrial buildings
    • Commercial buildings
    • Custom HVAC and mechanical systems for large, detached, residential estates

Strata HVAC and Mechanical Systems

Ensuring that your strata HVAC and mechanical systems are running when you need them most. Ongoing maintenance is essential and affordable, especially in comparison to the expense of a system failure on your business reputation and bank account.

HVAC and Mechanical Systems for Industrial Buildings

HVAC and mechanical systems are the lifeblood of a building ensuring that all temperatures are comfortable regardless of the weather. From fine tuning all mechanical systems to ensuring adequate building ventilation, there’s a considerable amount that needs to be done to ensure occupant comfort and reliable equipment performance.

Mixed-Use HVAC Systems

Whether it’s part retail, part residential or something more complex, HVAC and mechanical systems for mixed-use buildings are a true test of engineering and planning, according to Mark Crawford to the Consulting-Specifying Engineer.

“​​Mixed-use buildings have unique user requirements that affect HVAC and plumbing system application and size. System diversity (and therefore peak load) will vary in the hotel tower based on the podium functions. For example, a convention center in the complex could drive the peak domestic hot water load to a short peak period during the week, and a heavy restaurant load may shift the load to weekends at night. As the balance of these loads varies, so does the load profile and plant sizing. There are great opportunities for innovative sustainable design in mixed-use facilities. Simultaneous heating and cooling is common, which may allow [the] efficient use of technologies such as heat recovery chillers. Water reclaim may be more lifecycle effective because of the increased number and frequency of reuse options. The options are as varied as the mix of building occupancies that are put together.”

24 Hour Commercial HVAC/ Mechanical Services and Repairs

Whatever your plan is for your Commercial, Industrial, Condominium, and mixed-use HVAC and Mechanical systems, hire the best commercial HVAC and mechanical company in Vancouver and Whistler.


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