Condo HVAC Systems

Condo HVAC systems are a complex piece of engineering that have a drastic effect on the livability and comfort of your property’s residents. Largely in part due to the floor to ceiling glass windows, modern condo (and especially high-rise) buildings can become overbearingly hot in the summer months without an adequate HVAC system in place. This not only affects the lives of your property’s residents but can also affect the reputation and the resale value of your high-rise building. 

Condo Heating Systems

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Condo Heat Pump

Installing a heat pump for your condo building is a wise investment for any strata board. A heat pump often is the best choice for comfort and energy efficiency. If your building is currently relying on electric heat, installing a heat pump is an almost seamless transition.

The heat pump captures heat in the outside air and transfers it via a series of processes into your condo unit.

A heat pump can also be used to transfer heat from a boiler and a series of ducts deliver the warm air to each of the units in your building.

Geothermal—or Geoexchange heating—also uses a heat pump system and is one of the most popular in new high-rise buildings because of its energy efficiency.    

Condo Heat Pump Repair & Replacement

According to Home Advisor, the annual maintenance can cost as little as $150 per heat pump unit. The most common reasons for a unit needing repair are strange noises, failing to sufficiently warm or cool or icing up in the depths of winter. Sometimes the heating issues are not caused by the unit itself but a problem with the building’s ductwork, therefore having a certified and experienced HVAC technician can save you thousands of dollars on unnecessary repairs or replacement units. 

Condo Air Conditioning Systems

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Heat pumps aren’t just for heating a home, they’re also used for cooling condos in the warmer months. Other high-rise HVAC systems include: 

  • Single Split High-Rise HVAC System
  • Multi-Split High-Rise HVAC System
  • Mini Split HVAC Systems
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) High-Rise System

Both multi-split, single split, and mini-split HVAC systems can be ductless or ducted systems. The system has units both on the inside and the exterior of the building that are connected by copper piping. Heat pumps are a type of split system, often supplemented by a gas furnace or an electric fan coil inside the home. 

HVAC Maintenance & Repair vs Replacement

HVAC maintenance ensures that your filters are clean, ducts and systems are working efficiently, and that your time isn’t wasted fielding complaints from uncomfortable residents. Regular HVAC maintenance allows you to keep your overall costs down and ensures that any issues are spotted quickly and repaired rather than being allowed to continue leading to complete system failure and costly replacements. 

To ensure that your Vancouver or Whistler condo, strata, or high-rise HVAC system is working efficiently or to install and replace your existing HVAC system, contact the experts at Haakon Mechanical Services today