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    Preventative Maintenance has Become Mainstream - We Helped HVAC Get There. Increased Productivity. Reduced Emergency Breakdowns. Get 1StepAhead Today in Vancouver and Whistler from Haakon HVAC Services.


  • 1. To change the HVAC Industry from one of reactivity to proactivity.

    By placing a high value on corporate culture and employee education our team is capable and confident in diagnosing and making proactive recommendations before future repair issues arise. In effect, reducing emergency breakdowns, downtime and unnecessary hassle for our clients.

  • 2. To change the status quo by establishing strong partnerships between clients and their designated service technicians.

    We achieve this by assigning one dedicated service technician to each site.

  • 3. To change and elevate all levels of education in our industry through collaboration with industry associations.

    This partnership has fostered better educated clients on their building systems and what they should expect from their vendors.

  • 4. To change the idea of opportunities in the workplace.

    At Haakon we are extremely inclusive of all members of our team, as that’s what makes us a great place to work at. Through growth of our company more opportunities are presented for internal growth and advancements, which we look to our team to fill those spots.


What Makes Haakon Different?


ServAce is a web-based app that collects field information and delivers it to clients and Haakon staff in REAL-TIME.

Benefits of ServAce:

  • View your site information in REAL-TIME. Through current reports, outstanding quotes, equipment lists, multiple sites under contract to all your financials
  • Making service requests on the fly
  • Access your account anytime via your smartphone or anywhere with an internet connection
  • It is available to all clients at no extra cost
  • Minimizes our environmental impact by eliminating paper field reports and by utilizing electronic backup documentation to reduce our paper consumption by 50,000 sheets annually


Our 1StepAhead approach was created to anticipate what our clients need in advance to reduce downtime and increase productivity.  Our technicians are highly trained and will alert you of possible service issues before the arise, allowing you to make an informed decision about proactive service options.

Benefits of 1StepAhead

  • Increased productivity by preventing unnecessary admin work on your side and ours
  • Reduced emergency breakdowns and headaches
  • Decreased negative impacts: repairs on a recommended basis can be completed before it becomes a nuisance to building occupants


  1. Everything can be improved upon
  2. Trust is our most valuable asset
  3. Encouraging others leads to fulfillment and opportunity
  4. Communication is hard and we love the challenge
  5. Think. Execute. Own.
  6. 1 Step Ahead
  7. Creating healthy environments for people to thrive in
  8. Raising the bar of the industry through education of our customers and ourselves


  • 2019 - BOMA Young Professional Award (Sean Hamilton)

  • 2019 - Kiwassa Neighbourhood House Corporate Good Neighbours Award

  • 2017 - Better Business Bureau (BBB)

  • 2013 - Celebrating 30 Years in Business!

  • 2011 - BOMA BC Supplier Contractor of the Year

  • 2008 & 2009 - Consumer’s Choice Award


Since 1983, our Service Division has been providing service, maintenance and retro-fits to Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (H.V.A.C.) systems in Metro Vancouver and the Sea-to-Sky Corridor. Although the geographical area hasn’t changed for us at Haakon, our diversity in services provided greatly has.

The buildings under our care include a wide range of Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Multi-Unit Residential Buildings. From service of the most complex HVAC systems, to the Hydronic side of a buildings including all boilers, pumps and piping to refrigeration on facilities to the ventilation aspect of our industry, we continuously broaden our scope to ensure our clients can come to us for all their HVAC and Mechanical needs.

Along with providing the obvious on expertly trained technical technicians, we strive to equip our entire team with the highest level of soft-skill training. This is what defined us from concept and continues to be a core focus – providing the highest level of communication, at all aspects of our business. We have made it the forefront to annually bring in a speaker to educate our whole team here on various aspects of soft-skill training. It has proven to be a differentiator for us.

Continuing with what has defined us, we strive to always lead with transparency using lean principles, with the goal of making our clients as productive as possible. This philosophy helped shape our “ServAce” web-based real time information system and our “1 Step Ahead” Pro-active service approach. With the collaboration and input of all our staff, we have also established neutral and elevated standards, which enable us to deliver an exceptional service, every time.

We are always conscious of the environment. When our ServAce platform was built and continues to grow, our carbon footprint has significantly reduced. The start was the elimination of paper field reporting, to then quotes being sent directly to the client and now, the partnership with our vendors to provide electronic invoicing. All has helped us reduce our paper consumption by over 75,000 sheets annually.


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